Pets For Sale Pretoria – Reptiles & Small Animals


We stock a wide variety of Pets For Sale Pretoria East based, including small animals, Reptiles and Tropical Fish Pretoria area. These exotic little creatures are lower maintenance pets and far more unique than the average cat and dog. Our smaller furry (and scaly) friends are becoming more and more popular all over.

pets for sale pretoria eastPet a Pond has a wide selection of critters – from various snakes and bearded dragons to the cute and prickly tenrec and even spiders!

For all the above and other tiny furry creatures, we stock feed mixes, supplements, cages in all shapes and sizes and bedding and toys to keep them in top condition. Your critter will have a ball of a time!

pet for sale pretoriaWe further stock everything exotic pets may require in terms of specialized terrarium, vivariums and pet set-ups, as well as a wide variety of feeder-insects and rodents, proprietary supplements and treatments.

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Are you considering to buy a Bearded Dragon? Here are 6 easy steps to help you before adding a Bearded Dragon to your family!

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