In 1995, Mr Milne Bredenkamp took over the reigns of Petlands Ponds and Aquariums, mostly dealing in Koi, Fish and Pet Accessories Pretoria based. In 2004 however, he broadened his horizons and it led to the humble beginnings of Pet a Pond, situated in Willow Way Shopping Centre.

Pet a Pond Pet Shop Pretoria East area, is one of the largest speciality pet suppliers in Gauteng and boasts an impressive 30m shop with pet supplies of all shapes and sizes still taking centre stage.

The shop houses an extensive aquatic section, as well as a selection of small rodents, birds, exotic reptiles, spiders and our very special Tenrec’s. We’ve always has a policy of not selling dogs and cats, but we do cater for all their needs and wants with accessories in the latest trends.

Should you be looking for a dog or cat to adopt, you are more than welcome to pop in and have a look at our pet news section, containing details of all Pets For Sale Pretoria area.

The large varieties of paraphernalia we stock are designed to enrich the living environment of our animal companions and will impress the mist pampered pet. We also specialize in Koi Pond Installations East based.

Why don’t you pop in and see for yourself, it’s very hard to beat the prices of Pet a Pond.

Contact our Pet Shop Pretoria East based on: 012 807 5658