Koi Pond Installations Pretoria

Koi Pond Installations Pretoria!

A Koi Pond should serve two main functions: one is to provide a healthy home for your Koi Fish. The other is to provide “clear-water” so that you, the owner, can enjoy your Koi Fish.

Neither of the above is dependent on the other. You can have healthy and happy Koi in a “pea-soup” green pond, or you can have diseased and Koi in green water. Having “crystal-clear” water is not having an indication of a healthy pond.

Pet a Pond will assist you in the correct combination of biological and mechanical filtration for your specific conditions. Pumps used for biological filters are required to run 24 hours a day, so we will advise and supply the best product for your needs.

Design considerations that we use when designing a Koi Pond:

  • 5000 liters or larger. “The bigger, the better”
  • 80cm or deeper. Deeper is better. It does not take up any more space or proportionally more filtration.
  • Straight or near vertical walls, protection from predators and more pond volume.
  • One or more bottom drains
  • Bottom that slopes towards the drain and away from water falls or incoming water
  • Some form of surface skimmer
  • Biological filtration system

If you are presently considering in Koi Pond Installations, please visit our Pet a Pond Pet Shop Pretoria based in Willow Way Shopping Center so that we may assist you in the technical aspects of Koi Farming.

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It’s easy keeping your Pond healthy and your Koi happy – we will help you with any queries

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