Myth: Goldfish have poor memories

Goldfish can remember things for at least 3 months and some studies would say longer. They can be conditioned like a dog and learn tricks perform a task during a certain time of the day, recognise individuals and differentiate between sounds, shapes and colours. A goldfish will especially remember anything to do with food.

Myth: Goldfish grow their tank size

This is partially true. Goldfish grow incredibly fast but when they’re growing in a home that is to small for them, they often become stunted. The fish may appear to grow “to the size of its tank” but in reality, the fish’s internal organs keep growing. This causes all sorts of unnecessary health issues and shortens their lifespan greatly.

Can I just update the tank later?

This may work but I wouldn’t risk it. Once a fish has lived in a too-small home, it may be affected by it forever.¬†Stunting problems generally do not work themselves out and the fish have to live with them the rest of their (usually shorter) lives.

By Patches –

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